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It appears that the production cycle for farmed salmon feed is concentrating mercury in the fish we eat and acting as a source of mercury pollution in the marine environment.


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Fed Up? A Handbook for Accountability in the Tasmanian Salmon Industry


Tasmanians have watched the salmon industry grow explosively from a few small pens in the 1980s to a billion-dollar behemoth. Some cheered, while others simply acquiesced. But as we have watched the coasts turn to green slime, the fish disappear, and the jellyfish have a field day, many increasingly ask, "What the hell is going on?" Job claims are disproven. Community consultation doesn't add up. And Tasmanians' rightful inheritance is being stuffed into offshore pockets. 


Richard Flanagan's book Toxic: The Rotting Underbelly of the Tasmanian Salmon Industry left many stunned, and now we are seeking more understanding of the issues the author raised. Here, we take a deep dive into the science behind these issues and more. 


Our mission is to protect the health of people, of animals, and of coastal ecosystems and communities from salmon farming's destructive practices. We focus on five key areas, all pivoting around strong scientific evidence: local and national education, market-based campaigns, influence on industry, policy reform, and activism. 


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